Premium Christmas Gift Bags

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  • 3 Piece Pack of colorful Christmas Bags. One Bag is Black, One Bag is White and One Bag is Red. All the Bags are the same size.
  • Each Bag is 13″Tall x 10″Wide x 3.5″ Wide when it’s opened or full
  • These bags are 100% Reusable and recyclable
  • These have rope handles that pull out to a 4″ loop.
  • Convenient way to wrap presents.

Product Description

These are Premium quality Christmas Gift Bags. These gift bags are perfect to use for christmas presents. They look great and now there is no more need to spend time wrapping those presents! These beautiful bags are high quality so you can rest assured they won’t split apart on you at the worst possible moment. These large gift bags come with 3 bags per package. Each is a separate design. The exact measurement is 13″tall, 10″ wide and 3 3/4″ deep. It also has a 4 1/2″ tall rope handle. These bags are super durable and can hold just about anything. Make the holidays even more enjoyable with these brilliantly beautiful premium christmas gift bags.


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