February 28, 2016

Videos are currently being viewed on Whole Homeware’s Youtube Channel.

Visitors will now be able to watch Whole Homeware videos from anywhere on any mobile device they own.

“We wanted to be able to broadcast our message and be seen by anyone in the world regardless of what video display platform they have,” said the company’s Marketing Director.  “Youtube makes sense to be able to pull that off.”

The goal of the Youtube channel will be to offer videos about the various Whole Homeware products as well as educational videos about how to use them.  The company believes videos are one of their primary venues for being able to communicate their products to their customers.

Whole Homeware’s Marketing Director said, “we’d like to make videos that inform as well as entertain.  Most of us here at the company enjoy laughing and having a good time.  So we want that to be able to translate in everything we do, including making our films.”