February 20, 2016

Pinterest fans will now be able to find Whole Homeware busily pinning items of interest to its Pinterest boards.

Visitors will find such pinning boards as, coffee information, Kitchen Ware, Fantastic Food and Homeware.

One of the goal’s of Whole Homeware is to extend its reach on social media.  “We want to be more transparent and accessible,” said company spokesperson Timothy Thomas.  “We want people to know who we are.  We want them to see what kinds of things we are interested in.  Pinterest is a wonderful place to engage in that way,” he said.

The President and CEO of the Company agrees.  “It’s not enough anymore to be a private company meeting quietly behind closed doors making decisions about what our customers will and will not like.  We need to engage with them.  We need to ask them and find out what they want so we can better serve them now and in the future.”

Pinterest is just one of many planned areas online they wish to have a presence.  “In addition to Pinterest, Whole Homeware wants to be on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Those are my favorite social media platforms,” Thomas said,  “I have personal accounts on all of those sites.  I’m in there everyday.  I plan to consistently add quality information on all of those social media sites.”