February 22, 2016

Steel Coffee plans to release The Manual Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder March 21st 2016.

“This is a dream we have had for a very long time,” said Perry Thomas the president and CEO of Steel Coffee. “We absolutely love and believe in this product.  It’s built with the highest grade materials, it’s beautiful and functional. We need to share it with the world.”

The Manual Stainless Steel Grinder will be available exclusively on Amazon.  “We feel that this is the best move for us.  Offering our product on Amazon first just makes sense.  Customers are already comfortable buying on Amazon.  This is our logical first step,” Thomas said.

Once the product is successfully launched, the company plans to offer the product on other online venues before eventually taking it into brick and mortar stores.

“We have big hopes and aspirations for this premium Coffee Grinder.  It’s beautiful, durable and portable.  It can go anywhere, even William Sonoma” Thomas said with a smile.