Most of us start out the new year full of hope that that this year will be absolutely amazing.  We will lose they weight, deepen our relationships and make more than we ever have before.

The difference this year is I’m putting together an action plan behind these wishful desires.  This year, to lose weight and feel great, I’m signing up for a cooking school on Rouxbe.  Having been inspired watching the netflix documentary “Forks Over Knives“, I wanted to do something about it.  For Christmas, my wife gave me an online Rouxbe “Forks Over Knives” cooking course.

The online course is not just a list of recipes, but literally a course on how to cook.  There is everything in there from how to sharpen and use a knife, to how to steam, roast, bake, batch cook, and how flavors work.  Upon completion, I graduate and get a certificate.  I am thrilled to get to learn how to cook at a higher level.


In the beginning of the class, right after nutrition education, they have us prepare our kitchen.  We put everything in order so that we can easily find it when we need it.  This has been a fantastic way to organize and get way ahead of spring cleaning.  As I stepped back and admired my handiwork, I got the sense that this year was going to be very very different.