March 8, 2016

There is a lot of talk about managing diabetes once we have it.  Why aren’t we talking about actually reversing diabetes?  It may be because either we didn’t know it was possible, or we don’t know how to do it.

 One way to do it is severe caloric restriction.  Studies have shown that restricting calories way down reverses diabetes.  We all know how fun that is.  There is however another way.   Eating whole plant food.

We can eat all we want of whole plant food and it actually has the same effect as the severe caloric restriction manufactured food diet.  Even as early as the 1930’s studies showed that fruits grains and beans was a more effective dietary treatment for diabetes than any other treatment.

In 1955, a diabetic woman’s vision improved.  She also had a 100 point drop in her cholesterol.  She didn’t eat meat and dairy.  She only ate whole plant food.   Studies years later wanted to make sure it wasn’t just restricting calories but was specifically the plant food that aided the diabetes reversal.

With zero weight loss, did a diet of whole plant foods still help?  Half of the subjects were able to get off of insulin all together.  Was this after years of the diet?  No.  This happened after 16 days of eating whole plant foods.

The results are staggering. However let’s be clear.  These results were not achieved by moderate changes in diet.  The results were achieved by a radical elimination of all meat, dairy and processed foods.  All those foods were replaced with whole plant foods.