I purchased this because I’m exploring the world of pour over coffee and the reviews seem excellent and bring method seemed very similar to ones I have experience with and I’ve had great results. The construction feels solid and it is composed of two cones one is perforated and actually allows the coffee to flow and the outside cone contains the InterCon and channels everything to the bottom this is important because it works very differently than many coffee makers. Traditional coffee makers pour water over a cone with a hole at the bottom, this can lead to over extraction of the beans leading to a bitter taste, for my money what’s the point of trying to make good coffee? This pour over coffee dripper works similar to a Chemex or high-quality pour over drip machine.

After using this for a couple of weeks I noticed a few things, the grind of the coffee is incredibly important to the quality of the brew. I know this seems obvious but a lot of people don’t understand how important this is. The beans should be ground coarsely similar to a French press and about the size of kosher salt with some pieces slightly larger. Any smaller than this and you will end up with granny granny coffee from grounds flowing through the perforations in the coffee maker.

If you’re considering exploring higher and coffee making devices, this is a great option. I wouldn’t expect it to perform any miracles you should be actively working on the quality of the coffee, the grind, and timing your pores properly. There are great Reese is our resources out there that will help you make better coffee without having to go all out on scales or gooseneck kettles. Good luck and I hope you had the same great result I did!