Coffee Dripper Maintenance

Rinse it off or throw it in the dishwater.  If it starts to drip slower, follow the instructions below.

1) Here Is What You Need

You’ll need your dripper, a bowl large enough for your dripper to sit in, a SOFT toothbrush and grease cutting dish soap or dishwasher detergent.

2) Pour Boiling Water Into A Bowl

Pour boiling water it into the bowl leaving enough room for the Dripper. Or, put the Dripper in first, then pour boiling water over the Dripper.

3) Place The Dripper Into The Bowl

Set the Dripper into the bowl allowing the water to rise inside the dripper.

4) Add Detergent

Add the grease cutting dish soap into the Dripper.  The grease cutting action dissolves the grinds between the two filters.

5) Stir The Detergent

Using the SOFT toothbrush, scrub the detergent into the Dripper, dispersing it evenly over the Dripper.

6) Let It Soak Overnight

Allow the Dripper to soak in the detergent overnight.  The longer you let it set, the more the detergent can dissolve the grinds.

7) Scrub The Inside With A Toothbrush

Using the SOFT toothbrush, scrub the inside mesh filter first.

8) Scrub The Outside

Using the SOFT toothbrush, now scrub the outer precision cut mesh filter to loosen up the remaining grinds.

9) Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse your Dripper well. You can also pop it in the dishwasher if you like for a good rinse.

Voila! Your Dripper is ready to go! We suggest you do this deep clean every 30-60 uses.