February 26, 2016

Camping is healthy because when we get outside, spend time with friends, slow things down and hang out with mother nature our bodies begin to heal.

 Being outside in nature is important for our health.  We are biologically hard wired to have the sun touch our legs and arms.  It creates vitamin D in the body.  Vitamin D makes the body more able to absorb phosphorous and calcium.  Sunlight will also mellow out our levels of Melatonin, the “sadness” chemical.

The fresh air is welcomed into our lungs.  Increased oxygen from the fresh air elevates levels of seratonin in our bodies.  Some studies suggest it also improves digestion, elevates our immune system and improves our blood pressure.  With less pollutants in the air, the body is under less stress from having to deal with and process those toxins.

Taking someone with you is a fantastic way to build a deeper relationship.  Camping and preparing food, hiking and fishing are all activities that lend themselves to our minds wandering.  With a good friend, when those thoughts and questions arise, someone is there to process them with.  Great conversations build great relationships.  Good quality relationships have been shown to extend one’s lifespan.

Camping allows us to decrease the amount of stress we are dealing with.  The sounds of birds and running water creates a response that calms and relaxes us.  When we see nature, and connect with something greater than ourselves, we begin to breath a little deeper.  We rise when the sun comes up.  We make our freshly brewed coffee over an open campfire.  We make breakfast.  We play all day. When the sun goes down, our bodies are ready to rest deeply and prepare us for another amazing day of fun and adventure.