March 7, 2016

Something special happens in the morning when we wake in the wild.

 Our eyes gently open.  There is a coolness in the air.  Birds chirp.  The earth begins to warm as the sun lifts above the trees.  What would make it really great is…coffee.

Away from our normal routine, life is simpler, quieter and there are less distractions.  We also don’t have the day to day tools we are used to.  We miss our freshly ground beans and our coffee maker.

Fortunately we have our coffee beans, our french press and our portable coffee grinder.  It feels wonderful to put the kettle on the campfire to boil the water wile we pour the beans into our manual grinder and turn the crank.  We the water boils and we add the coffee grinds we can just smell that intoxicating aroma.

That first cup of freshly brewed coffee reminds us why we came out here.